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UPD Aquacel Ag+ Extra Change in product name and code FMG FCtN June 2017
10/08/2017 19:05:14
(ShuYi )
UPD Aquacel Ag Extra clarified restriction as it could have been read as only available in primary care only. Added 5x5 WCF May14
03/12/2014 15:11:45
(sally )
UPD Aquacel Ag Extra new codes
19/06/2014 14:29:54
(sally )
UPD Aquacel Ag Extra phcy
14/02/2014 18:57:41
(sally )
UPD Aquacel Ag Extra typo
28/10/2013 08:01:06
(sally )
UPD Aquacel Ag Extra 10cm x10cm (S7506AG) This size only available in primary care as stock through the On-line Non-Prescription Ordering System (ONPOS) 15cm x15cm (S7507AG) In primary care available on prescription only
09/10/2013 15:00:04
(scrotty )
UPD Aquacel Ag Extra extra added as replacing ordinary aquacel
24/09/2013 19:48:51
(sally )
UPD Aquacel Ag amend category
28/08/2013 15:18:28
(sally )
DUP Aquacel Ag new
20/08/2013 23:24:09
(sally )